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Best Tempered Glass PC Cases

Building a PC is a challenging endeavor for a first-timer, and even after a few builds, picking out the right parts is usually the toughest part.

Some of us spend weeks or months looking for the perfect combination of components so that our machine can turn out perfect, and we understand the struggle.

However, a part that is often sorely overlooked when building PCs is the case, and a lot of buyers usually opt for the most affordable case on the market.

A quality case can make the difference in more than just looks, as it will affect airflow, the positioning of your ports, and much more.

If you’re the type of PC builder that likes to include a lot of RGBs and pristine cable management in their machine, then you understand the importance of showcasing your hard work.

In today’s guide, we’re going to cover twelve of the best tempered glass PC cases on the market.

Since these cases tend to be a little more expensive than other ones, you’ll want to be sure that you’re getting your hands on the right product.

In our reviews, we’ll give you all of the relevant specs about each case and then we’ll provide our in-depth overview of the features and things you should know about them.

be quiet! Dark Base 700


  • Comes included with two 140mm PWM fans
  • Comes with a 4-step fan controller
  • Cable routing built into the case
  • Tinted side panel
  • The HDD slots can be repositioned


The Dark Base 700 from Be Quiet! is an excellent option for buyers that want something in the upper mid-range. To ensure that you get the best value for money out of this case, it comes included with dual 140mm PWM fans and a dual-rail fan controller.

This case comes available in two colors, and it features built-in LED strips that provide some contrast to your chosen color.

The PSU features a shroud, and the drive bays are covered, ensuring that this case looks as clean as possible from the exterior, and the cable routes make it easy to manage your wires.

We appreciated the convenient location of the fan controls, right next to the I/O on the front of the case near the top.

Overall, this case is well-made and reasonably priced.

Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5 RGB


  • Features three 120mm RGB fans
  • Comes included with a 1 to 3 splitter cable
  • 4mm edge to edge tempered glass panel
  • Internal cutouts and cable channels


A more affordable option is the MasterBox Pro 5 RGB from Cooler Master, and as you can guess from the name, this case comes with some integrated RGB fans; three of them, to be exact. The transparent front panel allows you to see these fans through the face of the case.

This case comes with an SSD bracket that can be relocated along the back of the motherboard panel so that you can find the perfect spot for your drives that’s out of the way.

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There is even a three to one splitter cable that comes included with the case, ideal for motherboards with fewer headers than you need.

There are internal cutouts for the components and also cable channels that will make it far easier for you to keep everything looking orderly.

Phanteks Eclipse P350X


  • RGB lighting channels integrated into the case
  • Comes with a single 120mm fan
  • Supports two 3.5” drives and three SSDs
  • Optimized airflow


As with many other tempered glass cases, the P350X from Phanteks features hidden drives and a PSU cover to maintain a sleek look throughout the interior.

Along the front of the case, you’ll find two built-in RGB strips that provide a little bit of character, and there is also a strip under the glass panel.

This case comes equipped with a dust filter that will help keep the interior from getting stuffed up, and it can be removed with relative ease for regular cleaning.

This case comes equipped with a single Phanteks 120mm fan, though you may want to pick up one or two more for components with a high TDP.

The D-RGB lighting channels can be synced up with your motherboard or other Phanteks D-RGB components so that you can have a more uniform look.

Thermaltake Versa H18


  • Built-in LED strip along the front
  • Micro-ATX form factor
  • Hidden drive bays (two 3.5” and two 2.5”)
  • The cables can be hidden under the motherboard panel


The Versa H18 from Thermaltake is a little more affordable than many of the other choices on this list, and it provides you with extreme value for money because of the included case fan.

The rear fan on this case already comes installed, though unfortunately, it isn’t an RGB design.

To make up for the fan’s lack of color, this case comes with a blue LED strip along the front, which gives it a bit of flair without being overstated.

There is a cable routing gap that is designed into the motherboard tray on this case, and it allows you to keep a bare minimum of cables showing.

One of the downsides to this case is that the I/O ports are a little sparse, with only a single USB 3.0 input and no USB 3.1 type-C port.

Thermaltake Core P5 Tempered Glass


  • Panoramic open frame with tempered glass panels
  • Wall-mount, vertical, or horizontal layouts
  • Modular design for only the parts you need
  • Four dual-purpose drive bays (three hidden, one external)


One of the more original cases on this list is the P5 from Thermaltake, and this one features an open frame design that has tempered glass panels on all but one side.

The motherboard tray is located on the only solid side of this modular case that can be set up in nearly any way.

When you build in this case, it’s up to you to decide which parts you want to install and which you want to do away with. You can also position this case in three different ways, with a traditional vertical layout, horizontal placement, or even mounted directly to your wall.

Keep in mind that this case is a little more expensive than some of the other options, but its unique look means that it’s worth the price.

InWin 101


  • Integrated LED bezel
  • The side panel comes off with a couple of button presses
  • Hidden HDD mounts behind the motherboard tray
  • GPU holder to prevent sag

The final case we’ll be covering is the 101 from InWin, which is more reasonably priced than many mid-range models.

You can find this case available in three different colors, and it features a stylish LED bezel that lights up when the machine is on.

The side panel on this case can be removed by pushing down on the two oversized buttons, making it easy to access your components for cleaning.

There is also a holder for the video card that helps prevent it from sagging and putting too much strain on the PCIe slot.

One of our favorite things about this case is that it features InWin’s trademark build quality, so you know that it’s made to last.



  • Available in four different color combos
  • Comes with a built-in RGB fan controller
  • Cable channels and straps
  • Comes with two 120mm fans and RGB strips
  • Included CAM software


The H500i from NZXT is positioned right between our first two products when it comes to the price, though it shares many of the same capabilities.

Compared to the Cooler Master, this one comes with one less RGB fan for a total of two, though it also comes with RGB strips for the interior.

You have a choice of four different color schemes for this case, ranging from simple white to black with various highlights.

This case is fully made out of steel for optimal durability, and it also has a digital fan controller built into it.

This case is also designed with AIOs in mind, so you won’t have to worry about a challenging water cooling setup.

We were also impressed by the case’s adaptive noise reduction feature.

Rosewill Cullinan MX


  • Features four 120mm RGB fans installed
  • Already has a fan controller
  • Dust filters along the top and bottom
  • Accessible top I/O


The Cullinan MX from Rosewill comes with four RGB fans pre-installed, and it also features an RGB fan controller so that you can modulate them directly.

As with many other cases, you can conveniently control the fan speed from the I/O ports, which also contain a pair of USB 3.0 and 2.0 slots.

There are dual dust filters on this PC case, with one of them mounted on the top and the other on the underside.

The convenient remote for the fan controller allows you to toggle the case fan lights, effects, and the fan speed from anywhere, even if the case isn’t in reach.

Keep in mind that this is also one of the larger cases around, which makes it easier for you to build in, especially if you’re a beginner.

Corsair Obsidian 1000D


  • Integrated Corsair fan and fan controller
  • Can fit both an eATX and mini-ITX system at once
  • Telescoping fan mounts can fit up to 13 coolers
  • Built-in RGB lighting


Compared to the other models on this list, the Obsidian 1000D is a super-tower that can fit two separate systems.

While this case costs as much as an entire computer, it’s the best choice for streamers and power users, or simply customers who want to have the most imposing case possible.

This one is equipped with telescoping fan mounts that allow you to install up to 13 cooling fans, which should be sure to provide enough airflow for even two systems.

Along with an eATX system, this case can also fit an ITX motherboard and all of the necessary bells and whistles.

Equipped with a Commander Pro fan controller from Corsair, this case gives you full control over your cooling solutions as well.

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Corsair Crystal 570X RGB


  • Tempered glass on the front, top, and sides
  • Comes included with three 120mm RGB fans
  • The chassis fan trays are modular
  • Drive cages have been re-positioned for optimal airflow


Corsair’s Crystal 570X is a little more expensive than many other cases, but it features tempered glass panels on the front, sides, and top, giving you a panoramic view into the case.

The three RGB fans are all coupled to a built-in RGB controller, and they provide plenty of airflow for hot components.

The fan trays in this case can be removed if they’re not in use, allowing you to clean up the interior when you don’t need extra cooling.

There are a few impressive details on this case, and we liked the look of the backlit Corsair logo on the front and on the cover for the PSU.

You can mount up to four drives in this case, and two of the trays are dual-purpose while the others are designed for 2.5” SSDs.

Corsair Carbide 275R


  • Available in either black or white
  • Designed for a direct path of airflow
  • Can support two 3.5” drives and four 2.5” drives
  • Features accent lighting


This is a more affordable Corsair case, and it comes with fewer features than the Crystal, but it still boasts the company’s excellent build quality.

This case comes with two Corsair SP120 fans that can be set up for intake/exhaust or intake/intake if you’re looking to create more positive pressure.

There is a direct air channel through the center of this computer case that allows cool air to come in from the front and cold air to exit through the back.

To ensure that there is as much airflow as possible, the hard drives have been positioned behind the motherboard panel, and you can fit up to four drives total.

You can find this case in both black and white, so you can feel free to pick the one that matches the rest of your setup and the aesthetic that you’re going for.

Cougar MX340


  • Supports up to two water coolers and six fans
  • Extra-wide design for a simpler build process
  • Top and bottom dust filters
  • Spacious interior improves airflow


For a more affordable case, the Cougar MX340 provides you with an excellent level of build quality and a tempered glass window.

As many of this case’s more affordable competitors have demonstrated, it’s often a challenge to find a cheap case that isn’t rife with quality control issues.

Since you can mount up to six fans or two water coolers in this case, you can ensure that everything is running at optimal temperatures, improving performance and lengthening part lifespans.

This is also a relatively wide case, at 205mm, giving you plenty of space to build in.

There are also dust filters along the top and bottom of this case, ensuring that dust doesn’t get sucked in. All of these features are even more impressive when you consider the case’s affordable cost.


There are a lot of excellent cases that can display all of your hard work for everyone to see, and the right one for you will depend on your budget and what feature you prize most.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our best tempered glass PC case reviews.

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