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Best Mouse Bungees in 2023

Lag can be one of the most infuriating issues during any gaming session. As a result, many serious gamers opt for a wired mouse over a wireless mouse to reduce the potential for lag.  However, the wire can become a nuisance if it gets tangled with clutter on your desk.

A solution to this problem is to use a mouse bungee. They help manage your cables and keep them free moving without any interference. They can also help improve your accuracy as the mouse will move more consistently.

However, there are a wide variety of models to choose from. That is why we have created our list to help you find the best mouse bungee for you.

Best Mouse Bungees

1. Razer Mouse Bungee V2

Razer’s V2 bungee is a replacement for the highly popular, original Razer mouse bungee. This model works off of the original model’s success, adding in features that users requested and correcting some of the faults that existed in the original model.

This model offers drag-free cord control up to 3.2 mm, and the spring arm allows for easy movement without resistance on the mouse.

Rust-resistant, you don’t have to worry about the spring arm rusting or degrading over time. Anti-slip feet keep the V2 in place, and the base is weighted to add further stability during gameplay.

Weighing just over 0.5 pounds, the V2 accommodates braided and non-braided cords, and it works perfectly with all high-end mice, including the Logitech G502. The heavier base and spring design for the arm ensures that the bungee doesn’t flip or move during gameplay.

The black design is a great, neutral color for most desk setups and will suit any Razer mouse you use. For instance, the Naga Trinity looks great with the V2 and is one of our recommendations best MMO mouse and best FPS mouse thanks to its multiple setups.

You’ll notice, compared to the V1, the V2 doesn’t have an adhesive bottom. Without the adhesive, you’ll be able to move the base around freely from desk-to-desk without issues. The Razer V2 provides everything users loved about the original and adds features that make it even better.

2. Enhance Mouse Bungee

A stunning mouse bungee, the Enhance LED is designed to increase your accuracy when playing competitive games. The unit is offered in three different color options, and there are four, 2.0 USB ports included to make management even more intuitive.

The silicone, bungee arm will hold all mouse cables, including braided and non-braided cables.

USB ports allow for all of your peripherals to be powered from your bungee, including your mouse, keyboard and any accessories that run off of USB. LED accents allow you to match your tower’s lighting system, and there’s an off button if you don’t want to illuminate the base.

Non-slip pads keep the bungee anchored in place while playing.

Mouse cables (and any other peripherals added to the base) are kept firmly in place and allow for more fluid gameplay.

When pulling on the mouse and trying to reposition during intense gameplay, the silicone arm will provide enough flex to allow for uninterrupted movement while also keeping your cords from getting in your way.

For hardcore gamers, this is a nice addition to any gaming rig setup.

3. Cougar Gaming Bunker

Cougar gaming’s CGR-XXNB-MB1 is a bunker gaming mouse bungee that makes quick work of your cords when gaming. Taking the hassle out of cord management, the unit is lightweight and offers an ultra-compact base.

A rubber raised arm allows for durability, and a patented vacuum design keeps the gaming bunker in place.

Thick and thin cables will fit in the bunker, and even the Logitech G403, a gaming mouse with a thicker cord, will fit inside of this bungee. Whether you have a wooden desk or surface, the bunker’s patented design will ensure that it secures properly to the desk.

What makes the Cougar gaming bunker different from the competition?

The suction cup design. A lot of other bunkers will move around on the desk, but not this one. It’s smart and it works. The strength is exceptional, and you won’t need to adjust it thanks to the very strong hold.

Even the arm is designed perfectly, it’s a strong arm yet still flexible enough to customize your setup.

4. aBell Mouse Bungee

The aBell Mount Bungee is a little different than the Cougar previously reviewed, and this model will offer superb cord management while fitting perfectly with your gaming setup. Anti-slip function keeps the bungee in place, and the heavy-duty stability design ensures even heavy cords can be properly managed.

Designed with ABS, stainless steel and silicone, this model offers long-term usage with black or pink design options.

Your mouse’s cord is threaded through the spring arm to keep cords properly off of your desk. An overweight center keeps the base in place, and there’s a scalable design to allow for easy transport. A three-stage design allows the unit to grasp cords with greater ease, and the top is easily detached for easy cleaning.

The spring design doesn’t cause any resistance when trying to move the mouse or reposition it. Because the posts are springs, it’s easy to move the mouse around without any issues. This allows for true customization in your mouse setup.

5. Thermaltake Galeru Mouse Bungee

Thermaltake’s Galeru mouse bungee is a super flexible model that offers outstanding stability to keep your bungee in place. A little different than all of the previous models we’ve mentioned, this model comes with a strong magnetic, detachable head that allows for a compact design if the unit needs to be moved.

A non-slip base has a rubber coating on the bottom to keep the base from sliding around.

Galeru fits almost all mouse cables, and this is due to the expanding and contracting design. When you place your mouse cord into the head, it will expand and contract onto the cord to hold it firmly. The unit has dimensions of 4.45” in length, 4.02” in width and 4.37” in height.

Weights have been placed inside of the base to keep it from moving around on your desk, and the hook is highly flexible to keep the mouse from getting tangled. You’ll have free space to work with your mouse. Tighten or loosen the cable as needed for a highly customized feel when using your mouse.

6. BENQ Zowie Camade Mouse Bungee

BENQ’s Zowie Camade bungee guarantees proper cable management without interfering with your mouse movements. What’s nice about this bungee is that you can adjust the springs that keep your mouse cord in place.

Keeping your cord at an optimal height allows for fluid gaming without worrying that the cord is too close to the desk or too high.

Rubber feet are on the base, keeping the base in place on the table. A one-piece design allows the base to be mobile, and it’s lightweight enough to bring to a friend’s house. Most mouse cables will fit into the unit thanks to the rubber clip design.

Thicker cables will need to be squeezed to fit inside of the bungee, but this is never an issue.

When playing FPS, which can get very intense, the Zowie will keep your cord from snagging but will allow for enough freedom to never interrupt your gameplay.

7. Aketek Mouse Bungee

Aketek’s mouse cord holder has a simple yet functional design that is ideal for anyone on a tight budget. This model has a metal and plastic design, and it uses a wire clip that can be adjusted to meet the specific angle needed for gameplay.

Any corded mouse will fit inside of the clip, and even when moving the mouse around, the cords are not too taut and won’t cause any movement issues.

Three main slots are available for cord management, but only the middle slot will be able to fit thicker cables, such as the Logitech G Pro cords.

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This is the model to choose for light gaming or regular office use. While it gets the job done, it does move around more than other bungees and has a tendency to break with extended, hardcore use.

Again, the Aketek works well, but it’s a budget-friendly model that can’t compare to the quality of models two, three or four times its price.

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