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What Is the Best Monitor Size for Gaming

As gamers, we know that the monitor size can make or break the game. Yes, the clock speed of the computer, refresh rate and response time are important too.

But the right monitor can be the difference between spotting your opponent or not.

So, what is the best monitor size for gaming?

There are many factors to keep in mind while making a decision. Read on to understand how to choose the optimal monitor size for your gaming needs.

What Is the Best Monitor Size for Gaming

Factors that determine the right size

Screen resolution

Pixel density is the number of pixels per inch (PPI) of a screen.

Usually, reasonably priced 24-inch monitors come with a 1920×1080 resolution. In these monitors, the pixel density is sufficient to produce clear images.

On the other hand, a 27-inch monitor with the same pixel density does not produce great images, since it is too wide and has the same number of pixels.

However, if we sit a bit further away from the screen, the pixels will not be visible.

Gamer’s distance from the monitor

Generally, the ideal distance we should maintain from the monitor is equal to its size.

So, if you have a 27-inch monitor, sitting about 30 inches away will greatly reduce eye fatigue. It will also enhance the viewing experience, and consequently, the games will be more enjoyable.

Nevertheless, this is not a blanket rule, and if you still feel discomfort in your eyes, you can move further away from the monitor while gaming.

To further reduce eye discomfort, you should read out guide to gaming glasses which help filter out blue light from the screens.

Standard Monitor Sizes



If you need to view the screen from about three feet and you have a small desk, a 24-inch full HD (1920×1080 resolution) is your best bet.

You can view the whole screen comfortably without turning your neck.

What’s more, if the game has some additional features close to the edges of the screen, you won’t miss those details!


For a 27-inch monitor, the optimal resolution would be 1440p.

Such monitors are usually used by gamers who prefer to play games with rich sceneries and want more pixel clarity.

But if your desk is small, and you are watching the monitor from less than four feet away, you cannot look at the whole screen at once.

It can prove to be a disadvantage in games that have tiny details all across the screen.


These monitors are useful if you prefer playing multiplayer games.

Even when the screen is split into four parts, every player has a clear view of their game arena. However, you have to sit at least five feet away from the screen, and the best resolution would be 4K.

34-inch ultrawide

Most 34-inch ultrawide monitors have a 3440×1440 resolution with a pixel density of 109 PPI. Such monitors guarantee an immersive gaming experience. In addition, they are great for multi-tasking as we can keep multiple windows open, yet not struggle to comprehend the content.


As you can see, the best monitor size for gaming depends on how far away the screen is, as well as on its resolution. It also depends on the specifications of each monitor. So, make sure you know what to look for in a gaming monitor.

Based on personal preferences, we can invest in a good monitor and have fun without compromising the health of our eyes.

Nevertheless, if you are confused and don’t want to risk it, a 24-inch or 27-inch monitor with full HD resolution would be your best bet!

Just remember, even with a budget of $200 you can still get some good gaming monitors.

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