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How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

Mouse acceleration in Windows 10 is a feature intended to make navigating the OS easier. To this end, it will introduce a slight increase in speed as you move the mouse around the screen.

The idea here is that during very precise and fine movements, you will have a slow mouse that allows for exact placement.

However, during longer movements across the entire screen, the acceleration will kick in and allow you to get to the other corner more quickly.

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Of course though, there are scenarios where you might find that this acceleration is a nuisance and causes you to overshoot your intended target. We’re all different and one person’s crutch can be a frustrating irritation for another.

So, if you want to turn off that acceleration and enjoy a consistent speed for the cursor, here is what you need to do.

Steps to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

Step 1.

First, you should go to the Control Panel and select Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers. If you’re not sure how to reach the control panel, one very easy way is to type ‘control panel’ in the search box. You can jump straight to the search box by hitting the Windows key + S.

Step 2.

In here, right click on the mouse and click “mouse settings”

Step 3.

Go to ‘Pointer Options’ using the tab along the top. You should now see a box that says ‘Enhance pointer precision’. Untick that box, and you’ll remove the acceleration.

Step 4.

Note that just above that box is a slider to allow you to change the pointer speed. Once you have changed the acceleration, you might find that the new speed is a little bit too slow or too fast. You can now adjust the speed as you like.

There are plenty of other options to check out here too – such as the appearance of the pointer or the trails.

Step 5.

Click ‘Apply’ to test the new settings immediately. If you are happy with them, click ‘OK’ to exit.

Step 6.

If you aren’t able to find these settings using the instructions above, then just try searching directly for ‘pointer’ and select the top option that says ‘select the mouse pointer display or speed’. You’ll be able to get to the panel you need. The main method will take you to the settings for specific mice, which may not include what you’re looking for.


So, there you go, that’s how you go about turning off the mouse acceleration in Windows 10. It’s a quick and easy fix to get the experience just the way you like it.

And that really is the great thing about Windows – it will let you change the settings and tweak elements to get them exactly how you want them. Keep in mind though that Windows is constantly updating and changing, so this method might not apply directly in a few months’ time. Mostly though, once you find your speed, you’ll be happy to leave it at that!

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