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Best Bluetooth Adapter for PC in 2023

With so many devices that now come with bluetooth connectivity as standard, it is surprising that some many PCs don’t come with a built in bluetooth adapter. However, there is an easy and cheap solution to this problem and that is buying a USB bluetooth adapter.

In this guide we have compared a number of different adapters to find the best bluetooth adapter for PC. We have taken into consideration factors such as the price, compatibility, design, ease of installation and many other features when carrying out our reviews. Most motherboards come equipped with plenty of USB ports and sacrificing one to enable to the connection of all your bluetooth devices is a worthwhile compromise.

What is the Best Bluetooth Adapter on the Market?

Best Bluetooth Adapter for PC

1. Avantree DG40S USB Bluetooth 4.0

Every product that comes from Avantree is nothing short of outstanding and DG40S is no exception. This USB dongle is fairly small, but it provides outstanding functionality nonetheless.

One of the key features of this outstanding adapter is native plug-and-play compatibility with Windows 10. While many cheap alternatives have plenty of issues with the latest Windows, the drivers for DG40S will be installed automatically as soon as you plug it into a working USB port.

The Avantree DG40S also has a sleek design that looks great when plugged into your laptop or computer. While many manufacturers don’t pay a lot of attention to the visual aspect of their products, Avantree is an obvious exception. We can say that DG40S is easily one of the best-looking Bluetooth adapters at this point in time.

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The price tag is perhaps a bit higher than it should be, but you can be sure that you will get what you are paying for. If you need flawless data transfer, high-quality VOIP calls, and great gaming performance, this is the adapter for you.


  • The adapter provides a great mix of price and quality.
  • It has a full Windows 10 support.
  • The visual aspect is truly outstanding.


  • It doesn’t support Linux and Mac devices.
  • It has no car stereo support either.

2. ASUS USB Adapter w/Bluetooth Dongle Receiver

Not only does ASUS offer superb motherboards and GPUs, but they also produce great quality bluetooth adapters as well. The USB-BT400 is an adapter that everyone who wants top-notch connectivity should seriously consider.

Due to its ultra-small design, BT400 offers outstanding portability. You can use this adapter to connect computers, phones, printers, headsets, controllers, and many other devices. If the device supports Bluetooth connectivity, it will undoubtedly support this adapter as well.

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This adapter comes with a 4.0 Bluetooth support that is backward compatible with the earlier versions as well. So, even if you have a 2.0 USB device, the adapter will still perform marvelously. Also, we should add that, thanks to the  cutting-edge Bluetooth Low Energy technology, this unit can operate for hours without consuming too much energy.

If you want a reliable solution for any Bluetooth-enabled device, this is a product that you should seriously consider.


  • The adapter supports a whole range of different devices.
  • It’s small and portable.
  • The adapter is backward compatible with 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports as well.


  • It’s slightly more expensive than many similar Bluetooth adapters.

3. Plugable USB Bluetooth

If you need a small and flexible Bluetooth adapter that supports a whole array of different devices, this is another product that is worthy of your attention.

Unlike many similar products, this adapter supports both Windows and Linux devices. Furthermore, it’s also fully compatible with Raspberry Pi.

The number of supported devices is truly amazing. It supports keyboards, headphones, mobile devices, and it even supports devices such as iBeacons! Now, we have to point out that the number of supported devices is somewhat smaller if we talk about machines with Windows 7 (or lower). But still, the support is superb nonetheless.

The adapter is very energy efficient as well. It will work marvelously for hours on end and it won’t drain any of your memory resources whatsoever. The speed itself could’ve been higher, though, but it’s not really a huge issue.

Overall, you can’t make a mistake if you decide to give this adapter a try.


  • This model supports Windows, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi.
  • The design is modern and compact.
  • The adapter doesn’t drain any of your resources and it saves plenty of energy during its normal operation.


  • The speed is somewhat subpar.

4. TECHKEY Bluetooth Adapter for PC

Another highly functional adapter that absolutely deserved a spot on our list is a model that comes from TECHKEY.

At a very affordable price and highly flexible, this is easily one of the most functional adapters on the market. It supports all Windows versions and it even supports Linux as well. If you have Windows 8 (or higher), you’ll also be able to gain an advantage of the Bluetooth Low Energy feature.

The adapter is extremely compact and, just like previous models, it supports many different devices. From speakers and headphones, all the way to keyboards and mice — this model supports them all.  In some cases, however, the drivers might not be installed automatically and you may need to download additional software from the internet. Still, with enough patience, you will get it done.

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The product is not perfect, of course, but it’s still one of the best adapters that you can get at this point in time.  If you decide to give it a chance, you will certainly not regret it.


  • It comes with a very affordable price tag.
  • It supports many different devices, including those with Linux.
  • The design is flexible and compact.


  • You may struggle to configure some devices.

5. ZEXMTE Bluetooth USB Adapter

Do you want superb connectivity? Do you want your adapter to support just about any Bluetooth-enabled device? If the answer is yes, ZEXMTE may have a solution for you.

Even though this adapter is one of the cheapest solutions on the market, it can easily compete with many high-end models in terms of quality. The adapter is small, portable, and it can easily fit any modern laptop and desktop computer. It comes with a backward-compatible Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and no matter what USB port you have, this adapter will work flawlessly.

Not everything is perfect, though. While the adapter performs great with newer versions of Windows, you may struggle using it with older versions. Furthermore, the driver is very difficult to install and you may need additional input from an expert to set up your adapter accordingly.

Still, despite these flaws, this adapter is a very worthwhile purchase. If you want a cheap and reliable Bluetooth adapter, this is one of the best options that you can get at the current moment.


  • The adapter comes with a great and affordable price.
  • It’s small and very portable.
  • The adapter comes with a backward-compatible Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.


  • The driver is difficult to install.
  • The adapter may not work as good on older versions of Windows.

6. Avantree Leaf Long Range

Avantree has yet another outstanding adapter that absolutely deserved a spot on our list. Avantree Leaf Long Range is a great solution that can provide exceptional connectivity for hours on end.

Other than Windows, this adapter supports Linux and Mac devices, and it even has full PS4 support. The adapter is quite easy to setup and use. You don’t have to install any drivers whatsoever. All you need to do is plug in your device and the adapter will recognize it automatically.

If you combine this adapter with Avantree headphones (like DG59), you will get a whole new gaming experience as this model allows simultaneous music and voice transmission. If you’re a passionate gamer, Avantree Leaf Long Range is a must have for you.

Overall, if you decide to give this adapter a chance, you won’t regret one bit, that’s for sure.

  • The adapter is very easy to set up and use.
  • No drivers are needed for any device.
  • It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.


  • Sadly, it doesn’t support TV devices.
  • It should also be added that the price is too steep.

7. Kinivo BTD-400

The last entry on our list is an adapter that comes from Kinivo. No matter if you want to connect your computer or an external device, this Bluetooth adapter will have you covered.

BTD-400 supports all versions of Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit) as well as Linux (Ubuntu) and Mac. It also has additional support for Raspberry Pi.

Just like the previous adapters, this one has a very compact design and it looks great as well. It comes with a transmission distance of 32 feet and it can connect any device with  Bluetooth support.

Overall, BTD-400 has everything that a good product needs to have. It’s easy to use, it’s functional, and it looks amazing at the same time. With BTD-400, you are getting more than just a regular adapter — you are getting a highly durable product that will serve you well for many years on end.


  • The design is very compact.
  • The adapter comes with an outstanding transmission range.
  • It supports Windows, Linux, Mac, and even Raspberry Pi devices.


  • The installation is very easy, but it can take a while.

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