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Playbeatz Earbuds Reviews

A lot of people, most especially today are generation love to listen to music to calm down and chill out. Some listen to music as a therapy to eradicate stress. Some listen to music when going to school or the workplace to kill time. Lively, music can help you get going most essentially at the gym. Music of any type is indeed a good therapy. According to the research, music has a remarkable effect on your system. Research also shows that it can improve our health. Music helps our heartbeat slow down, that further reduces blood pressure level and keeps us calm.

When it comes to listening to music, usually we use headphones or earphones. This requirement particularly speaks about the significance of superior wireless headphones you have to have. Particularly in a fitness gym where you are doing your regular exercise, music plays a vital job in pushing you for those stern and rigorous workouts. In such a case, those wired earphones indeed not the right choice as most of the time, they get entangled or fall out of your ear from time to time. There are wireless earphones available on the market today, but most of them are very expensive. When you are looking for high-quality wireless earphones without spending a lot, you need to consider the PlayBeatz headphone. Keep on reading to know more about this product.

Have you heard about Playbeatz? This product is a really high-quality set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are sold at an incredibly low price. They are packed with features and give you great quality sounds. Let’s look at some of the awesome features these earbuds have to offer.

Playbeatz wireless earbuds are designed to make them easy to use. They allow you to control the volume and other settings on your music without you ever having to take your phone out of your pocket. You can get the benefit of noise-canceling effects by using these earbuds as well. You won’t have to be disturbed by all those sounds around you as you listen to your music, podcast or other audio files.

The price is one of the ways that these earbuds really shine. If you read Playbeatz reviews, you will notice how many people are saying that they are cheaper than the competition. Compare them to Apple products and other competitors and see how much money you save by going with Playbeatz. You don’t have to sacrifice quality sound and features to get that low, affordable price, though. Playbeatz has it all!

Playbeatz Earbuds Reviews

With Playbeatz earbuds, you can also benefit from a great return policy that allows you to keep the product for up to 30 days before deciding to return it. That is one of the best in the industry, which is part of why this is such a standout product.

Read some of the Playbeatz earbuds reviews to find out what people have been saying about these headphones. They are rated highly for their sound quality and are incredibly comfortable. One of the best features of this product is that it is compatible with most electronic devices. Just about any smartphone or tablet will be able to link up to this product, and the linkup process is very fast and simple. After the initial linkup process, as soon as you turn on your device in proximity to the earbuds, they will connect. It stays really simple for you for the life of your product, making them fun and easy earbuds to use.

The charging power of this product is really great as well. Playbeatz earbuds are able to charge fully from a dead battery in just one and a half hours. They will remain on standby for up to 72 hours with a full charge and will be able to be used for three to four hours of listening to music or simple use. A lot of the competition is not lasting that long when you look at the reviews from consumers and from industry experts. Also read Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Another way that these earbuds really stand above the competition is in their pricing. They are far cheaper than some of the leading brands, such as several of the Apple products. Playbeatz earbuds are seen as the affordable, economical alternative to some of the bigger name brands out there. Why pay more just for a company name and a logo when you get basically the same features from something like Playbeatz? If you have read any of the Playbeatz reviews, you will see that customers love them and feel that they are a great value for the price. People don’t always have such kind words to say about competing earbuds.

Playbeatz allows for some customization. The control buttons on the earbuds can be modified to do all sorts of different commands. Most people use them to skip tracks or change volume settings, but you don’t have to use them like that. The customization options make for a personalized product that is going to benefit a lot of people, and it’s no wonder why these are so popular.

Another reason that Playbeatz earbuds are so well regarded is because of the comfort that they provide. When other earbuds would slip out due to excessive sweating during workout sessions, Playbeatz stays in and stay comfortable. You can use them for hours without them damaging your ears, causing irritation or feeling uncomfortable. Unlike other kinds of earbuds, you won’t feel like you need to take them out after a short while. The size and design are just perfect so that they are a joy to use and not a distraction for times of relaxation, study and contemplation.

What is PlayBeatz Wireless Earbuds?

You don’t need to look further for a high-quality but cheap wireless earbuds other than PlayBeatz. This wireless earphone is considered unusual due to its amazing audio quality as well as enormous bass capacity. These fantastic Bluetooth headphones are compatible with devices powered by the iOS and Android operating systems. This is one of the many reasons why it is one of the most sought after headphones. Today, there are lots of headphones that are coming out in the market, which makes it so hard to buy the best one. Some are pricey, while some are pocket-friendly. Each product guarantees a best service like noise-free experience and high-quality sound.

On the other hand, only a few of them live up to the expectation they have set by their advertising techniques. PlayBeatz, however, is different. You will notice the difference right after opening the box.

Who Can Buy or Benefit from This Product?

Are the PlayBeatz earbuds any good? Are they perfect or ideal for all? This fantastic headphone is ideal for all. Today’s lifestyle needs lots of focus as well as concentration towards any task you do. Deterrent noises are always around, however, this headphone efficiently chucks out any unnecessary hearing and assist in reinforcing your mind on your current tasks. State-of-the-art PlayBeatz is a perfect piece for fitness buffs, sportsmen, musicians, working professionals, and many others.

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Technical Facts of PlayBeatz Headphones

This wireless headphone promises to give you the most state of the art Bluetooth 5.0 version that is accompanied by the amazing performance of a stable as well as strong signal connection. It is integrated with Touch Control features that allow you control as well as recall many functions by just touching the in-ear earphones. This Bluetooth 5.0 version is the latest version of the past headphones that has managed with limited features and whose connection has been less stable as well as less strong and durable. The latest version is now compatible with Android and iOS.

Let us take a look at the fact of this amazing earphone:

  • 180 hrs standby time
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • 5 charging time
  • 500 mAh battery capacity
  • 10 meters range
  • 3 to 4 hours playing time in an uninterrupted way
  • Compatible will all types of mobile device, tablets, laptops as well as netbooks
  • This earphone makes use of V4.2+ EDR for superior sound quality
  • Noise cancellation and comes with audio system
  • It has an ergonomic design and fits into your ears for longer with comfort
  • When switching on, it instantly connects to your mobile device. You are able to answer or reject the incoming call
  • You can also play, stop, pause as well as skip song in just one touch of a button

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are very important to know the quality of the product you are planning to purchase. Contrary to the promises of other makers of wireless earbuds, amazing PlayBeatz seems to provide as much as their maker’s guarantees. A lot of constructive customer reviews backed this assessment, and certainly, everyone must discover for themselves it doesn’t matter if they work well and meet their expectations. All the possibilities as well as facts taken together, these super lightweight earbuds seem to be the best option to other earphones available, and once you use this while exercising, you will see if it really provides what it promises.

According to one customer, she wanted to listen to music while doing her regular workout, but such bulky headsets were too messy and clumsy for her, and she did not want to be synchronized to the device by cable. And then she discovered the PlayBeatz, and she found out that it is comfortable to wear. This amazing headphone fits ideally in her ears, and she can do her routine without any hindrances. Also, she stated that this headphone is easy to connect to her mobile device. It connects within seconds.

Another customer applauded the function of this headphone. He said there is no issue in taking calls. He found out that there is a small button on the remote, and he was able to answer it fast and quickly. Without a wire, she can knee bend with a barbell without the interference of a cable, which is common to conventional models. He also praised the quality of the feedback, which pure as well as extremely clear. The price is also good, and the optics are amazing since it is comfortable to wear. He highly recommends this headphone to others, most especially to gym fanatics.

Another customer said that this device charge fast and last for four to five hours enough to finish her workout. This earphone also did not squeeze or hurt her ear.

The user of this headphone discusses how she wears it on a daily basis during fitness workout and how amazing it got stuck in her ears. She did lots of sports activities and was extremely intense. Therefore she cared a lot that this would stick in her ears for a long period of time regardless of how active the workout is. So far, the whole thing had gone completely. The sound, as well as the quality of the sound, is first class and unparalleled to other brands and models. What she likes is that it works on the Android and iOS operating systems.

Price, Purchase, and Refund Policy

It is highly advisable to buy this product from the official website. This is because it will prevent you from being a victim of fake products. What is more, the official site keeps running many offers. You can return the product and asked for a refund if you are not pleased or happy with its performance. If you want to know more about this product, you can call the customer hotline number.

Pros and Cons

Like many other headphones available on the market, PlayBeatz also has some sorts of pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros:


Snuggly Fit: The advance headphones from PlayBeatz fit snuggly in your ears. It is extremely comfortable too. It keeps comfortable regardless of how long it is on your ears.

Lasting Performance: These amazing earbuds provide worry-free standby as well as playtimes. You can keep on listening to music 3 to 4 hours without interruption. However, ensure that it is fully charged prior to use.

Easy and Fast Charging: Not like other types of headphones available, PlayBeatz is easy to chare. All you have to do is to put it inside the case, plug it to USB, and it will now start charging. When the light is gone, this is a sign that your earbud now fully charges.

Convenient Storage: The sleek and compact style of this earbud enables the user to keep them with ease in his or her pocket and wallet as well. It comes with a protective, hard case that gives you the assurance that it is safe and sound from dust as well as dirt. The case also gives you an assurance that it will keep safe from water or moisture and avoid it from misplacing.

Fat Connectivity: When it comes to connectivity, you can easily connect this earbud to your device. It has a Bluetooth range of 10 meters that is 33 ft without any hindrances. Provided that you are in this range, you can keep on listening to your favorite music without the need for holding your mobile device.

Cheap Price: Perhaps one of the best benefits of this earbud is its low price. You can buy this product for a low price if you order it straight on the maker’s website. The ordering process is also fast.

Warranty: Like any type of product, PlayBeatz also comes with a generous warranty. You can ask for a refund in case you are not pleased or satisfied with the outcomes.

Other Benefits of PlayBeatz

  • Amazing price, most particularly if you are on a budget
  • Double and triple tap command enables you to navigate in song as well as control volume without any issues.


Despite the many benefits this product offers, it also comes with some issues such as;

  • Charging time is a bit longer compared to other earbuds available on the market today. However, the listening time is amazing, so even if it does not charge fast, there is no need for charging it once in a while.
  • Battery life is limited
  • Lack of brand reputation
  • There is no information about the maker of this earbud
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Playbeatz Earbuds VS Apple Earbuds

You might think that if you pay more for your earbuds that you will get more features, better sound quality, greater comfort and other benefits that would justify the price point. However, that is not always the case, as we are going to show you with a comparison of Playbeatz and Apple earbuds. The Apple earbuds are some of the hottest headphones on the market, taking minimal design and quality sound to the next level. So, how do the Playbeatz wireless earbuds measure up?

First of all, the price is a huge difference. You can pay $160 for Apple AirPods. That’s very expensive for any kind of headset or headphones. Yes, they are small and convenient, but do they really justify their price tag? Compare that to the very affordable Playbeatz, which retail for a much more reasonable $49.99 plus shipping. For less than a third of the price, you might be willing to concede a few features and save some major money, but do you really have to give up all the great stuff that makes the earbuds stand out? The AirPods are simply way more expensive than the Playbeatz earbuds, and the price difference is so high that it doesn’t make sense for anyone to choose Apple’s product over this very affordable competitor.

Playbeatz also comes with a great refund policy that helps it to stand out. With Playbeatz, you get a full 30 days of trial usage to decide if you want to return the product. If you are unhappy with it for any reason, you can get a full refund if you are within that 30-day window.

Apple Earbuds are not as generous in their return policy. You only get 14 days to decide whether you like them or not. After that, you will be stuck with them and will not be able to get a refund. If you are on the fence about these two products, then you might want to consider the Playbeatz instead.

The Apple earbuds have all sorts of playback features for letting you control the volume and different aspects of your music with controls on the product themselves. You don’t have to use your electronic device (phone, tablet, etc.) and can control most functions from the earbuds. That’s pretty cool, so how does it compare to the Playbeatz product and its features?

Playbeatz wireless earbuds let you control your music from the buds as well, without the need to touch anything on your device. You also get instant connection to your device, sound-canceling features, about three and a half hours of use from a single charge and compatibility with most devices. Apple’s product is a bit more restrictive since it only works with iPhones and other Apple products. It isn’t meant to work on the competition’s devices, which can be a real drawback.

Apple’s earbuds are not waterproof, and consumers should know about that shortcoming. They are water-resistant, but if they are submerged in water, they probably won’t survive the experience. On the other hand, Playbeatz are designed to be water-resistant at well. You can use them while you are exercising, and they will keep out water quite well. You don’t want to drop either of these in the water, though.

Playbeatz earbuds reviews have great things to say about this product. You definitely want to read a few Playbeatz reviews before you make your purchase.

Things You should Consider Before Buying Playbeatz

As a consumer, it is vital to find a product that is reliable and effective. When it comes to headphones, make sure to buy one that meets your needs. To do this, you need to know some factors that can affect your buying decision. If you are in the market for high-quality headsets, then you need to consider these things:


Since you may be listening to your earbuds for a long span of time, it is vital that you look for the design or style which is most comfortable for you. You may need one that fits directly into your wars, an earbud that doesn’t have a cable, so it gets rid of the annoyance of jumbled wire. Keep in mind that listening to loud music with headphones for 5 to 10 hours can result in hearing loss.


If your main reason for buying a headphone is that you do not disturb people around you, then you have to consider getting one that has a sealed design, as less sound will slip out. This is because of part of the fact which the headphone seal around the ears, which keeps the sound waves in the headphone, cups opposed opening design. However, if you want comfort and simple design, then the open design is the best choice.  If you are in the fitness gym or biking, then it is advisable to buy an open design.

Outside Noise

If you have a plan on utilizing the earphone in noisy as well as distracting places, then you are advised to get a noise-canceling headphone.


Price is indeed a very important factor to consider when buying a wireless headphone. However, it doesn’t mean that the product that has a high value is high-quality and offers the best performance. The truth of the matter is that there are some cheap products that have performance that looks like the expensive one. So make sure to choose wisely.


This is also a vital factor to consider when you are in the market for an earbud. Make sure that the earbud is made of a reliable company with a good reputation in making high quality products. To make sure of the reliability of the company, you can research it online. Read reviews from previous users, and you can also ask your friends and relatives regarding this matter.


If you have a low priced headphone that is integrated with state of the art tech and assures many hours of the listening experience, then you must surely try the PlayBeatz. The amazing sleek design of this product, the superb compatibility features, high-quality bass as well as extraordinary performance, all these contribute to make PlayBeatz the best option so far. If you are in the market for wireless headphone and is searching for something which meets your expectation in comfort, performance as well as price, then you must go for this one.

PlayBeatz is very popular nowadays. You can buy for a fraction of cost if you order straight from the manufacturer’s website. The best thing about this product is that it has a generous warranty, and can be connected to your iOS and Android phone. Are you looking for a perfect birthday gift for your kids? Then PlayBeatz is a perfect choice. With lots of good reviews online, you will be assured of long lasting performance. So, there is no need to wait, order now!

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