We're Nice

Nice is a consumer products brand founded in 2011 by design director James Young. Our mission is to bring premium products to market that delight, inspire, and build on our foundation of empowering our local community, reducing environmental impact, and sharing our success. We are a small company with global reach nestled in the Snohomish Valley just north of Seattle. 

Our roots go deep into the indie product development and crowd-funding community. Nice only exists because thousands of backers stepped up to support our projects. Our first Kickstarter project with partner Bernie Graham, PadPivot, was supported by over 4,800 backers and raised over $190k in 60 days!  The awesome power of Kickstarter coupled with social media has given us a platform to connect more directly and intimately with our supporters and allowed them to share our story across the globe.  

Crowd-funding has also allowed us to be completely self-supported, giving us the freedom to "do what's best" for our products instead of being driven by the pressure of investors or loans. This has allowed us to make better long-term decisions for our company such as making our first product, CableKeeps, right in our own backyard where we can stay close to production and work with local partners.  

We are deeply concerned with what we put into the environment.  Even the best products have a limited lifespan. We always use materials that are non-toxic, recyclable, or compostable. We choose processes that don't pollute and assembly methods that can be easily disassembled for re-processing.  It's just Nicer that way.


More about the team:

Jim Young, Creative Director

James Young / Founder & Creative Director

Jim loves making things, a passion that goes far beyond his livlihood.  Jim's entrepreneurial spirit started with his product development consultancy, James | Arthur | Young | Design, where he has worked with a variety of clients and technology products.  Prior to striking out on his own, Jim served as Design Manager for Slam Brands, Design Director for SaneWave, and was a Senior Industrial at Teague Associates and Mackie Designs.  Jim is an active cyclist, part-time kayaker, and admitted Quirky addict.  When he's not working he's either on an adventure with his family or volunteering his time in the community.  It has been Jim's dream to design and manufacture his own products and with Nice that dream has been realized.


Heather Young, Director of Awesomeness

Heather Renee / Director of Awesomeness

Heather is an invaluable part of our core services.  No matter the task we can always rely on her to "get er done" quickly and effectively and that's why she's awesome.





 Wendy McDevitt / Support & Fulfillment

Wendy handles our order fulfillment and customer service.  Nearly every product we sell and ship goes through her desk.  Wendy enjoys the adventure that each day at Nice brings!  Never a dull moment. 




Jackson Young

Jackson / Product Test

If you want something tested, give it to a 10 year old.  Jackson saved us thousands of dollars when he discovered a potential flaw in the original PadPivot two days before mass production.  Lets just say he has a knack for finding weakness. If you want something broken, give it to a 9 year old boy.