Production done!! Shipping Commenced

Posted on May 01, 2012 by Jim Young | 0 Comments

Our first orders have all shipped out and we're more than thrilled to be hearing such great praise like:

"Brought Goldie with me on a trip from CT to DC. Traveled great, plug management is AWESOME. Thanks so much." - resonate

"Received my Goldie and Nibbles today. They look and work great. Well worth the wait, thanks much!" - Paul Selby

"Got my Keeps Today, love them, . . . " - Jean-Claude Landau

"Mine arrived today in CA, got two Goldies and two Nibbles. Fit is great, both work great. Thanks Kickstarter and thanks Jim for hanging in there! " - Sami Laine

We had so many boxes we had to pile them up in sacks to take to the post office!  Shipping 1200+ orders from Kickstarter and online was a lot of work, but what a blast.  A labor of love.


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